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4.9 / 5
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Drywall Repair

Before we paint, we’ll do a walkthrough of the space and inspect for any existing damage. If you’ve got holes of any size or dents in your drywall, they’re definitely worth fixing. We'll patch, sand, and prime your drywall to create a perfect surface. We won’t just make the necessary repairs. We’ll also take measures to identify why and how the drywall was damaged and take proactive steps to prevent the problem from happening again.

Steps for Drywall Repair

  • Firstly we clean hole .
  • The hole is filled with painter’s putty.
  • Once dry, we lightly sand the area until smooth.
  • Then we spackle over the putty.
  • It is very important to gently sand surface until smooth with the wall.

Finishing drywall is an artform. A good finishing job can only result a perfect paint job. Repairing holes your drywall is a quick and easy way to make your home look brand new again.